Rétroaction des clients

Sandro Rey partage son expérience.

Sandro Rey partage son expérience après l'utilisation de l'AtlasPROfilax®.

Fibromyalgia pain reduced - better breathing

"it's been really really amazing to be able to come and have this treatment and I'm looking forward to feel a lot better".

10 years of fibromyalgia - pain in upper back, shoulders, upper arms and hands

This patient, who is an artist, says it has been pretty amazing not to have sore hands after doing some work.

Her balance improved months after her AtlasPROfilax treatment

In this short video you will see a huge change in the balance of a patient treated with the AltasPROfilax® method.

College student after her AtlasPROfilax treatment

This college student is so grateful for the AtlasPROfilax® treatment that she sent a special video to Sondra, her AtlasPROfilax® practitioner, to…

Jaw joint pain for about 10 years and neck and shoulder pain for 25 years.

"For me, it made a huge difference. (...) I have not had any migraines since the treatment. I still have a little way to go on the road to complete…

Testimonial by opera singer

After the AtlasPROfilax method she says "I feel like a free person. I feel like flying now".

No more pain after 2 years being diagnosed with polymyalgia!

"I feel like I've been placed in somebody else's body".

No headaches tablets anymore and no dizziness

"I'm just so excited. It's really, really good. The best thing that I have done!"

Deborah had dreadful head and neck problems, all was very very…

Testimonial about a year after patient's AtlasPROfilax® treatment

After suffering from chronic neck pain for over 65 years, this patient feels so much better after the AtlasPROfilax treatment.