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The Original Method for Atlas Realignment

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, and along with the second vertebra, the axis, forms the joint connecting the skull and the spine. The atlas (C1) not only carries the skull, but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton.

AtlasPROfilax® is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the short muscles of the neck - the suboccipital muscles - that surround and stabilize the head joints (base of the skull, atlas and axis vertebras).

Rene C. Schümperli developed this revolutionary method that successfully aligns the atlas vertebra without cracking, rough handling or traction, in usually only one session. After the vibrational massage of the short muscles of the neck, the atlas can move in its natural position.

The release of muscular tension in the neck corrects ligamentous and muscular compression on the atlas vertebra, producing a positive effect on the body and stimulating the healing capacity.

AtlasPROfilax® is a safe, effective, normally one-time application and does not pose any health risk.

Avantages du réalignement d'Atlas

La correction atlas selon AtlasPROfilax® est la base pour une meilleure posture et une meilleure statique corporelle. Elle peut également avoir un effet bénéfique sur de nombreux maux.

Key Position in the Body

As part of the atlanto-occipital joint, the best protected joint in your body, the atlas influences your well-being.

Treatment of Causes

We do not treat the symptoms with the atlas therapy, but the cause of your discomfort. This is the key to sustainability.


The permanent effect of the application results from the work in the muscle layers. Only an atlas therapy that works relevant muscles and affects fascia can be of lasting benefit.

Holistic Approach

The atlas is the key, but not a panacea. The best effect is achieved when you implement a holistic, biomechanical approach and thus optimally supplement the atlas realignment.

Attitude & Health

Our method helps you with your posture and you help yourself with your attitude. To maintain the biomechanical balance you have to keep moving.

Effectiveness of Other Treatments

Supplementary treatments and therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic are significantly more effective and profound on the basis of atlas correction.


What's happing in AtlasPROfilax®

Suivi et soutien d'AtlasPROfilax®.

Le deuxième rendez-vous (2 à 4 semaines après le traitement) comprend un massage de suivi du haut du dos et de la région du cou. Nous répétons…

Avis du client - AtlasPROfilax®

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Tenez-vous droit et vivez sans douleur grâce à AtlasPROfilax®.

Tenez-vous droit et vivez sans douleur ! AtlasPROfilax® est votre réponse à une meilleure posture et à une meilleure santé. https://www.atlasprofilax.…

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Client Feedback after the Treatment:

"Living with a mal-rotated atlas is like limping all your life. Once the atlas is corrected, not only does your physical body get back in balance, you don’t limp anymore, but your life energy starts to finally flow freely, and therefore opens up your emotional channels, so you can see more, feel more, experience more. My personal experience, after the AtlasPROfilax correction is that I feel like I finally returned home!"  

"Conclusion: After years of taking medicine we will now let them fade so that I will very soon be able to do without them... THANK YOU for this completely new quality of life!"

"I'm so excited... How this works out..." 

"Also my doctor noticed that I exude more peace of mind and balance like never before." 

"Excellent help, also my knee works better now!"

"One feels like a puppet that is pulled up again on a string. Totally balanced and upright again." 

"Rarely have I spent money for something so good. Absolutely worthwile!"

"Supports a better attitude to life. 100% success with the whole family!"

"I celebrate a second birthday now each year."

"I rather invest money today in my health than being forced to spend money to get rid of my illness tomorrow."

"I am more than ecstatic to say WOW! What a game changer. Looking forward to the days and months to follow & see how many positive changes my body receives from my spine realignment."

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