Client feedback

No headaches tablets anymore and no dizziness

"I'm just so excited. It's really, really good. The best thing that I have done!"

Deborah had dreadful head and neck problems, all was very very tense and she constantly needed to have a travel pillow behind her neck and rest her head back, she had that for 7 years. She also had dizziness when moving her eyes (felt woozy and dizzy). After being treated with the AtlasPROfilax® method, all these discomfort and problems improved significantly or completely disappeared.

As soon as she had it done, it was the most fantastic feeling, when she stood up, it was like a rush of blood goes to her head, she felt straight and got a boobs  (she has always been hunched before). Now, her whole life has changed, She wish she has it done in her twenties because she lived this dizzy live, tired life, full of tensions in the back of her neck. She doesn't take any headaches tablets anymore, she can move her neck freely, her eyesight is better, complete freedom and no more fatigue, "it is really really good, the best thing I had done".