Client feedback

19 years of chronic pain gone after AtlasPROfilax treatment!

"You just did a miracle!" and "Now, I'm pain free", are two things that this patient who had suffered from chronic pain for over 20 years says after…

Improvement in low back pain, stiffness in mid-back, stiff neck and other problems

"I am right and centered and I believe my body has a chance to function normally, so I am very very happy I had the treatment done."

Testimonial by a chiropractor treated with the AtlasPROfilax® method

"In bout 20 seconds, he made a profound difference in the mecanics on my neck".

Years of chronic pain gone!

"I'm not in chronic pain. I am so excited and greatful."

Client feedback from UK

Pain relief as well as better experiences with yoga, exercises and other treatments

Postcard from Hannah

This postcard from a young girl in Berlin was a nice reward for AtlasPROfilax® practitioner Thomas Heiler from Germany who had treated her because she…

AtlasPROfilax® testimonial by TV host, author and speaker Erika De La Cruz - IAQA Edition

TV host, speaker & author Erika De La Cruz just shared her experience after the AtlasPROfilax® treatment with Atlasprof® and AtlasPROfilax® instructor…

Dr Nancy Grubb, Ohio (USA) on AtlasPROfilax - IAQA edition

Dr Nancy Grubb from Ohio (USA), a client of Atlasprof and instructor Vladimir Tomljenovic from Los Angeles, has tried the AtlasPROfilax® method…

Nicole from Sydney got rid of heavy migraines - IAQA Edition

Nicole from Sydney (Australia) talks about how she got rid of her migraines after the AtlasPROfilax treatment.

AtlasPROfilax Testimonial by Bruce R Dooley, Elizabeth Tringali, PA

Three clients from Atlasprof Vladimir Tomljenovic share their experience about their experience with the AtlasPROfilax treatment and show the improved…